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SVEP – Stored Value Exchange Platform

Mobacomms award nominated platform was designed and built by a group of experts across Payments (Banking and Processing), Mobile Network Operators and Large Scale Merchants (CPG and Retail) in order to solve the problems these groups were encountering. With learnings made after many joint application development workshops the SVEP was designed with the intent to provide a secure, low cost, rapidly scalable and globally available payment system.

Mobacomm Features

  • Manage Bank/Credit/Debit/Gift Card or Virtual Currency Accounts
  • Peer to Peer Payments/Remittances
  • Pay your Bills
  • Pay at Retail or Online
  • Buy VAS
  • Document Storage
  • Loyalty Program and Management
  • Messaging (Push, SMS and Email)
  • Security tools and protocols (KYC/AML/PCI)

Our SVEP is a Cloud-Based, PCI Compliant, Level 1 payment platform. Being Cloud-Based allows us to deploy and scale new or existing clients rapidly and across the globe according to demand. This helps control costs and user experience. Security is of the utmost importance to us at Mobacomm and we utilize a variety of security procedures from user to server level to make sure that we are in line with industry leading standards. PCI compliance is one such standard that we make sure to maintain strict compliance of. Our bank or processing partners globally are all Level 1 Certified, meaning that they fulfill millions of transactions yearly and are leaders in their fields.

The SVEP platform can be white labeled to create a seamless experience for your customer in a closed loop environment or build your own UI and simply plug into our API for fastest time to market. You will also have the choice to add them to the Mobacomm networks of users and merchants in a hybrid experience.

Although we have included , we feel the mobile device offers the best platform to evolve payments in the 21st Century. The SVEP is accessible on devices across the spectrum. r Mobile Apps across (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) or mobi site never be out of contact.

The MOBACOMM SVEP platform hopes to address all the fundamental issues plaguing the payments space currently and into the future. We are continuously iterating our platform and looking for new ways to help improve the way we and our partners or users engage our platform.

Market Sectors

As it stands the global population is over 7 billion people and there are over 2.5 billion people globally who still do not have access to financial management systems or banks. Fraud in the payment space is currently around $15 Billion per year and rising. The traditional methods of value exchange (cash, check, card or money transfer) are proving to be inadequate in their execution and can be cost prohibitive. Each new method of exchange has helped eliminate issues from the previous form, but has since introduced issues of its own. Mobacomm saw these issues as an opportunity to improve the system as a whole and so the Mobacomm SVEP was born.


Banks / Financial Institutions

Mobacomm has produced a world class mobile and internet accessible banking product for users across multiple geographic locations. With working experience in Africa in terms of developing nations, Europe and America as far as developed we understand the needs and use cases of a wide spectrum of people. The number of mobile banking customers is expected to double in size from 800 million to 1.78 billion people in the next 5 years. Use Mobacomm to extend banking services to users who are using a mobile device as their primary banking tool. Understand the patterns of your users and offer products at the right time with direct access in real time to the customer.

Core features

  • Peer-2-Peer Payments
  • Bill Pay
  • Value Added Services (Prepaid Airtime/Electricity distribution, Lotto Tickets, Daily downloads, etc.)
  • Real time messaging
  • Sub account creation and spend control (value and merchant type)
  • Open/closed/hybrid loop ecosystems
  • Complete control of all financial accounts in one place
  • Mobile Payment Payroll Services
  • KYC and AML



Mobile payments over the next 4 years are set to grow from $180 Million to $700 Million of all electronic payments in the retail sector. Due to the growth in mobile payments in the retail sector and the pressures of the user base to be able to do more with the mobile wallet then simply send money from person to person or pay for basic needs, Mobacomm decided to expand the core functions of the platform to accommodate the retail sector. With the same control structures that were in place to monitor and control spend at the User level, the retail aspect was delivered. Now retailers can have complete control over their store payment infrastructure and management in one location. Whether you are an SMB or large retailer we have a solution for your needs.

Core Features

    • Management of entire payment network (Single-store or multi-store)
    • Utilize Mobacomm Payment Network (Drastically reduced fees compared to traditional payment types)
    • 1:1 relationship with customers
    • Geolocation based notification option
    • POS integrations (Linked to industry leading POS suppliers)
    • Loyalty Program
    • Couponing and voucher distribution and redemption
    • Payment Processing – Least Cost Routing
    • Daily, weekly, monthly statements
    • Same day settlements***


Telco/ Mobile Network Operators (MNO/VMNO)

With the saturation of mobile phones and devices globally over 7 billion it is easy to see that there is a mobile phone for every person in the world. Yes some of these are feature phones, but those are being replaced, and in the next 5 years smartphones will be common place. The key point is that the mobile network operators have a primary role in the mobile payment chain and in most cases are the first interaction point between the customer and payment cycle. Why pass on services to outside markets when the customer is already yours. Earn the revenue for this service and add it to your bottom line.

    • Offer our solution as a white label product. Mobile Web or Native Application
    • Extend your value added services on our platform.


Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG’s)

This is a $2 Trillion, and yes that is with a T, sector. Our B2B Solution enables payments via mobile devices. This helps reduce the risk of drivers carrying large sums of cash after delivery which can be troublesome for a number of reasons. Increase efficiency, reduce risk and have real time monitoring of your deliveries and payments.



With a group of worldly founders who have experienced governments globally, we feel we are uniquely positioned to deliver a solution that covers the problem sets experienced internationally and locally. We have worked closely with leaders of African nations on methods to improve control, oversight and removal of corruption from economies. The methods manufactured in the process have been found to be useful even in developed nations. Our main aim is to make sure that money intended for certain purposes finds its way in its entirety to those ends.



It’s never been easier to accept charitable donations. Do you simply want to process donations? Do you want to offer your own mobile charity site or do you want to be added to the network of Charities that Mobacomm can add to any use case. It’s as easy as having an email or mobile number.

About Us


Mobacomm is a technology company that develops solutions for Banks, Mobile Network Operators, Merchants, CPG’s and Governments. Mobacomm was founded in 2010 and has been at the forefront of mobile banking technology since USSD and SMS were the only options. With highly creative and intelligent people Mobacomm has driven the expansion of the barriers around payments. Having a keen understanding of the payments cycle and its participants Mobacomm has found ways to optimize or improve established processes. This can be seen by the fact Mobacomm was a finalist in the ETA 2013 Payments Innovation Award, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That product is the core of our entire platform – Mobacomm SVEP

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